Sunday, May 13, 2018


In my class we've been working on recounts and this is mine, hope you enjoy

5C's trip to Kindergarten
On a hot and sweaty day, 5C went on a little adventure to K1 in the ECC
on May 8th 2018, by walking. We went there to experience the ginormous transition in age
and grade. It was really fun because of all the events we attended, made and did.

Like in the start, we played a little game called “open, shut them” this was fun because it led
us to the big surprise of acting like a K1 student, the game “open, shut them” included
singing but also included actions, all the actions were used with hands, for example
open, shut them, you would open your hands and then shut them.

Once we were done with “open, shut them” we started our math lesson with a little book
called “Who Sank The Boat”. The book was about a cow, donkey, pig, sheep and mouse
who wanted to go for a little row in the sea, but once they all got on  the boat sank, and once
the book ended we had a discussion on who sank the boat and how. At this point we were
about to explode with laughter because of how funny we were handling things.

After we read “Who Sank The Boat”, we continued our math lesson by practicing counting
to 5, and we did a little activity called “5 green and speckled frogs” it is a very fun song
about 5 frogs eating bugs and jumping into a cool pond.

Last but not least, in the end we actually were still on our math lesson but this time we were
taking 10 pictures of ten objects but in number order, so for example we would take a
picture of 1 pencil then 2 screws then 3 paper clips etc. Until we got to a picture of 10 objects,
and some people even went over 10.

In the end I think that that period was very fun and a very good choice in learning about
transitions for age or grade, that period brings back a lot of awfully amazing memories but
when we were in the K1 class it was an enormous load of fun.

Monday, March 26, 2018

My First Response

This is a response to the grade 4 - 5 concert performers. The purpose of a response is to respond,retell and judge an event by your opinion.

The grade 4 - 5 music concert had many events such as stomp and choir. It was very noisy in some
perspectives but phenomenal in others. Most of the audience were parents so it was most likely that they
were proud of their performers and all the others. The concert risers were placed in a certain way
(In a semi circle) to have it more organized, have more space (spacing),to have a better look and to have
better visuals on the stage and audience. In my opinion the colors of the concert were more dull and
gloomy then light and playful.

In the beginning of the concert the grade 5 band came on to the stage with the chairs in a total semi circle
percussion and brass in the back and woodwinds in the front and teacher in the front middle.They played
3 songs which were Lightly row, Lets rock and Mickey mouse march, the trombones had many solos
and found it very frustrating. For me band was very tedious and repetitive because of all the practice,
preparation and memorizing, It felt so nice when we were over because we didn’t have any more practice
we were only playing for fun.

After the grade 5 band next thing up for grade 5 was 5D basketballs(stomp). And once the music started
the crowd went crazy it went right hand, left hand and then both everyone was impressed and crazy for it.
They always had cool surprises up their sleeves like their cool poses at the end and at the start with
triangle shaped arms and round balls in their hands it was memorizing, mind blowing  and just full on

After the phenomenal basketballs grade 5 started their choir with the songs I’m on top of the world and hold
back the river.In my opinion it was very repetitive at some points and I was so relieved that we were over
because some of those songs I really didn’t like, a word I would use to explain this event is probably

To end this response, my opinion of the grade 4 - 5 concert is that it was gloomy and dull.

One thing that I'm happy about with my writing is my choice of words.
One thing I would change about my writing would be my describing sentences.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snapshot of me 2/3/2018

Age: 10
Favorite book: The Icarus project
Favorite animal: Orangutan
Book That I'm reading: Henry and the chalk dragon

Monday, February 12, 2018


Are the new England Patriots the best American football team?

The 2017 super bowl when the Patriots were 25 points down in the last quarter they came back and won.

The New England Patriots are an American football team who play for the NFL (National Football League).It has been said that the Patriots are the best American football team that has and will ever play in the world but other football fans think otherwise.

Are the New England Patriots the best American football team?

No, because it has been proved that the Patriots have cheated and we don’t know if they’ll do it again, their Cheat score is 26 and have executed  8 real obvious cheats(bad).If you want to learn more click on this link
No, because their players have been caught going out and partying while they should be at practice, for example imagine if you were a football coach and your players didn’t show up to practice then they didn’t play well and lost.How mad would you be?

Are the New England Patriots the best American football team?

Yes, because the Patriots have Tom Brady who is known to be the best quarterback in the world(because he has thrown the 4th most yards in the NFL).
Yes, because they have had some of the best comebacks in the NFL, like in the 2017 super bowl when the Patriots were 25 points down in the last quarter they came back and won.

In the end I believe the patriots are not the best american football team in the world or right now.

Dos and don'ts with adding/multiplying fractions

1. Do, Be careful when looking at a problem.

2. Don't, give up.

3. Do, compare the two fractions.

4. Don't, guess.

5. Do, take your time.

6. Don't, rush.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Time and transportation

In this unit I did my best in remembering what you would call ?:30 ( et demie) in our time unit and making story's to remind me what the names of transportation.

I think I could have done better with my time management skills in the process in both units.

The things I would like to work on next unit would be my time management skills and my behavior.

samples of my success: Je l'ecole finis a trois heures vingt et a l'ecole commence a huit heures dix.

Our next units are
- Description of pets
- body parts
- negation
- questions

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reflection 5

I would prefer: Democracy in my opinion because all voices are heard and it sounds like everyone is equal.

I don't like: Anarchy because it does not seem safe and I would be confused.


In my class we've been working on recounts and this is mine, hope you enjoy 5C's trip to Kindergarten O n a hot and sweaty da...